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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we know. We have answers for you. The following ones are some of the most asked questions our clients have made.

Transit time depends on the transport route chosen by the client, sea or air, as well as the city of origin and final destination. For more information email to: cs@kaizenfreight.com and a personalized response will be given.

The value of the freight depends on dimensions, weight, as well as city of origin and final destination. If you would like a quote, please send that information to: cs@kaizenfreight.com.

Yes, we consolidate cargo according to the needs of each client. For more information, contact cs@kaizenfreight.com.

Yes, we have strategic allies for ground domestic cargo transportation within the US. For a quote, send information to cs@kaizenfreight.com.

Yes, we have a specialized team in doing all customs management to import merchandise to the US.

Yes, we have a Bonded warehouse, which allows us to receive InBond cargo in transit to other countries.

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