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About Us

There are many forwarding agent companies to and from the United States, but in 2010 our founders saw a fundamental need in this service market.

It was necessary to offer an excellent quality service at an affordable price for medium and small business who need to import their products from the United States to any part of the world where they may be located. To satisfy that need, Kaizen Logistics was founded.

Kaizen receives the name of the Japanese methodology because our founders are firm believers in constant improvement. That is the reason why we are implementing improvements in our processes on a daily basis, knowing that, this way, we will be able to provide a better service to our customers.

By 2018, a segment of our customers increasingly requested a comprehensive and reliable service for shipping their merchandise to Amazon. For that reason Kaizen Prep Services was created, a business unit dedicated to meeting that need.

Today, from our headquarters in Miami, USA, we serve hundreds of clients on all continents. So, we are sure that we can also be the integral solution for your international cargo transportation needs.

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