How parcel services are billed, by volume or weight?

Basically, parcel services are calculated by weight, whether real or dimensional (volumetric).

How the dimensional (volumetric) weight is claculated?

The dimensional (volumetric) weight is calculated by multiplying the 3 dimensions and dividing by 166 or 5,000; it all depends on the units being handled (either centimeters or inches). The calculation is performed as follows:

* (length x width x height) / 166 = Dimensional (Volumetric) Weight in inches (")
* (length x width x height) / 5,000 = Volumetric Weight in centimeters (cm).

From which countries could I send and receive merchandise through Kaizen?

We are able to transport merchandise anywhere in the world by air and sea, also we offer our courier/ parcel services.

How much is the kilo / pound to send through Kaizen?

To calculate shipping cost you must provide the following information:

a) Weight and dimensions of the merchandise.
b) Hometown and Destination city.
c) Description of goods and commercial value

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